Saturday, January 31, 2004

I'm at work today--Saturday--because I want to make up some of the time I lost during the snow debacle. I have two tasks that seem very small and easy--print two posters--but they are taking forever. Files are taking forever to open or save. Folders are taking a long time just to open. The RIPs on the poster printers are just plain not doing what they're supposed to, and when I restarted one of them, I realized that I don't know the password to connect it to the network directory I need. I called my boss and she doesn't know it either.

The slowness can probably be explained by the fact that a backup is running, as explained to me by one of the IT guys, who is also in making up snow time (or "Inclement Weather Time" as the state officially calls it). I'm writing this while waiting for a particularly large file to open. I keep switching between Photoshop and my browser and checking the progress. I'm sure the file would open much more quickly if I wasn't doing that, but I can't sit and watch a stupid status bar for more than 30 seconds. It drives me nuts.

There, it opened. So I did what I needed to do to it and now I'm waiting for it to save. I've found that Photoshop is like lightning saving large files compare to Illustrator. I've waited half an hour before for things between 25 and 50 mb to save in Illustrator. I'm sure some of that is our network, but it still drives me up the wall. I just don't have the attention span for it.

So after doing what I needed to do to the poster, I have to add it to the RIP and set the print properties. That involves several minutes of watching the RIP software tell me it's Loading... Loading... Loading... Loading... So I'm going back and forth from that machine to my own, trying to set the print properties of my file while trying to open and make changes to the next file I have to print. I hate computers a lot of the time. Give me a Sharpie and a piece of bristol board and I'll make you a damn poster.

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