Thursday, January 22, 2004

It's confusing when you use Windoze all day at work and then Mac at home. Little tiny differences can trip you up. Like the command/control key thing. Most of the keyboard shortcuts that use the command key on a Mac use the control key on Windoze, so in the morning when I get to work I'm always accidentally hitting alt+something, because the alt key is where the command key is on a Mac keyboard. But the control key is in the same place on both, so at home after work, I have to readjust and I end up hitting control+something when I really mean command. And that stupid start menu key on a Windoze keyboard is where the option key is on a Mac, so I hit that a lot accidentally at work. Add to that the fact that I can't type, and I'm a real mess some days.

I used to be completely pro-Mac and anti-Windoze, but now I think I hate them both equally. There's always something wrong with whichever computer I'm using. After so many years of using computers, I've gotten weary of trying to get everything to work the way it's supposed to, so now I'm just accustomed to all the little work-arounds I've devised for everything.

And I know it's past high time for me to upgrade my home computer to OSX, but every upgrade I've ever done has involved countless hours of getting everything into that delicate balance. Some stupid but important little utility won't be compatible with the new system, and some other thing will suddenly develop a conflict with something else ... and I'll have to devise a brand-new set of workarounds and spend more money to upgrade more software. Sometimes I think that cunieform would be just as easy.

I read that Lynda Barry wrote an entire book with a sumi-e paintbrush. She said it made her stop worrying so much about what words she was using because she was so focused on drawing out each letter. So maybe I should write things out longhand, using my left hand, and then just scan them into the computer. Each trivial e-mail would be it's own little work of art. People at work would think I was eccentric and give me a wide berth.

Where am I going with all this? Nowhere fast. I'm going to play with my photographs now. I've got another gallery in the works.

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