Wednesday, January 21, 2004

My mum-in-law is out of the Mexican hospital. She's still in Mexico, though, staying in a hotel with my brother in law until she's right to travel. Apparently she's in much less pain and able to move around somewhat. Hopefully they can head to Houston by the end of the week. Apparently the whole passport/proper documentation thing isn't such a big deal if you come into the US by car.

Mark says he doesn't think his mom ever wants to drive again.

We had more conversations here at work about the sorry and very expensive state of health care here in the US. But just imagine what would happen if we had free universal health care: I for one would probably quit my job and do freelance work for a living. Or I'd become a dog trainer. Employers would have less of a stick to frighten the work force with.

And speaking of frightening things, I keep reading articles that put me off my food.

In case it's not obvious, I'm feeling rather pessimistic right now. It's also cold outside, and I hate cold. And my back hurts ...

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