Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My show on WXDU is now every other Wednesday from 4-6 pm (EST). Starting today. So I figured I'd report my playlist here, mostly for the heck of it, but really because I want to try to keep real records of what I play, and why not use my blog? It's got to be good for something. So here goes:

"Million Dollar Plan" -- Bigger T Joe Gibbs Productions
"That's Something I Do" -- Apples in Stereo Velocity of Sound
"Silver Tongue Please" -- Truman's Water The Singles 1992-1997
"Space Mutants 4" -- Phenomenauts Rockets & Robots
"Aló" -- Plastilina Mosh Hola Chicuelos
"One Day I'm Gonna Be Somebody" -- The Time What Time Is It?
"Smash Smash Smash" -- The Minds Plastic Girls
"Woman Hang Your Head in Shame" -- Ben & Spence Looking for My Baby
"Blitkrieg over Kenosha" -- Mark Shurilla & the Black Holes Polka Comes To Your Haus!
"Brave Generation" -- Green On Red Gravity Talks
"Real (The Live Feel)" -- Sizzla Up in Fire
"Guadalupe" -- Celso Piña Una Visión
"Money Is A Problem" -- Dean Martin Swingin' With Dino
"Cerebrus" -- Amon Duul II Yeti
"Cicely" -- Cocteau Twins Treasure
"Ghost of Mae West" -- Trailer Bride High Seas
"Pirates" -- Super Rail Band Kongo Sigur
"Analogue Lovemuffin" -- Suran Song In Stag Pure Agitator
"Sweet Tooth" -- The Candylarks Weetsay Oothtay
"mmmm ... theta burn" -- Cold Sides 5/21/03
"Sequestered Perplexities" -- Tristan Da Cunha Split CD w/Words For Snow
"The Big Gundown" -- The Hellbenders B-Movie Brain
"Space Age Ballad" -- Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO New Geocentric World
"Si Señor" -- Control Machete Artillería Pesada, Presenta
"Clean on your Bean #1" -- Dinosaur L New York Noise
"Amame Mamá" -- Ricardo Lemvo and Makina Loca Ay Valeria
"Honey is That Love" -- Kimberley Rew Tunnel Into Summer
"Como Se" -- Julieta Venegas Aqui
"Pick up The Pieces One by One" -- A.A.B.B. James Brown's Funky People (Part 3)

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