Thursday, January 08, 2004

No good deed goes unpunished ...

So I've posted before about this Yahoo group called Triangle Freecycle. Basically if you have something you don't need, you offer it and hopefully someone who needs it is on the list and will take it. Similarly, if there's something you need, you can post and see if someone's got it. There's no trading or selling allowed--that's why it's called "freecycle." People have a really hard time getting that point, and the moderator has to keep posting reminders that you can't ask for trades. Anyway, tons of people joined recently as a result of articles in the News & Observer and the Durham Herald Sun, and a bunch are trying to unsubscribe now that they realize it's not really their thing. There have been several posts to the list that say "unsubscribe," and it seemed that people were having trouble doing it correctly. Since I know how to both subscribe and unsubscribe from such groups (I have a master's degree), I decided to post a helpful little e-mail explaining to people how to get off the list without deluging the whole group with "unsubscribe" e-mails. So now people are just e-mailing me directly and asking to be taken off the list. D'oh!

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