Tuesday, January 20, 2004

There was an article in the Washington Post (mini-registration required) today about a man whose family didn't know he was hit by a car and killed until they got the $17,000 bill from the hospital. That was in Maryland. In contrast, it only took us 14 hours to find my mother-in-law after her car accident in Mexico and she's alive. So things could have been worse. Plus, we're not going to get a bill. That's right folks, Mexico provides free health care to its residents. Granted, it's not great health care, but have you been in a hospital in the US lately? They have plenty of machines and things that go beep, but no employees to make sure the patients are still alive. The last time I was in the hospital I waited 9 hours just for a couple of Tylenol (for which my HMO was billed $13).

Mark and I are planning to write living wills that make it clear we are DNR and do not want to be kept alive artificially. All that does is jack up the bill your survivors have to pay once you're allowed to croak in peace. I really think we should move to Mexico.

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