Friday, January 16, 2004

We found my mother-in-law (see previous posts below for why this is important). Actually, people from the US Consulate found her. She's in a hospital in San Luis Potosí and can't be moved for seven days. She's very banged up and in a lot of pain and they're still doing tests to determine the extent of her injuries. But she's alive with the prospect of being well again at some point.

She was travelling with her two cats, and we pretty much figured they were gone--either dead or vanished from the scene. That would just about kill her--in fact she kept asking about her cats when Mark first spoke with her. But the amazing thing is that even though the car was rolled and all the windows smashed, once it was taken to the police impound facility the cats were discovered still inside, alive. The problem is that the police will not turn over any property without a signature from the owner, and she can't even move enough to sign anything. Nonetheless, the very kind consular employee was on her way today to talk the police into giving her the cats, which she plans to keep in her home until everyone can be brought to the US. We're waiting until they are actually sprung to tell her they're OK.

Now we're working on getting my sister-in-law on a plane to Mexico. Here's a tip: always have a valid passport, even if you're too broke to travel. You might actually need it someday. If you don't have a passport, at least keep a birth certificate handy-- if you're a US citizen it'll get you into Mexico (and I think maybe Canada as well).

Sometimes it's better when life is a little dull ...

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