Sunday, January 25, 2004

We've gotten about 3 inches of snow today, and we're currently getting freezing rain. This is apparently sufficient grounds for a declaration of a state of emergency. I think I mentioned before that everything in NC grinds to a halt with even one inch of snow. I always wonder if any of the state bean counters have ever asked the question: Which is more expensive: putting a little money into preparing for inclement weather or cleaning up the horrible mess afterward? There have been about 500 accidents in the Triangle area since the snow started at 10 am today. All of the grocery stores and shopping malls have closed because no one can get to them. The power is probably going to go out if the freezing rain keeps up because the trees around the power lines don't get trimmed, so they come crashing down onto the lines. Schools and businesses have already announced they will be closed tomorrow, and I have no expectations that I'll be able to get to work in the morning (maybe late morning). I just wonder if maybe it would be a little cheaper and easier to invest in some snow removal equipment and a little "winterization" for the whole power grid, that's all. But if I suggest that around here, everyone always objects and says "but we don't get much snow. It doesn't justify the cost." I think that people are afraid they would actually have to show up at work if the snow got removed from the streets. I guess I don't blame them--I like a day off as much as anyone else, even if I do have to make the time up later. But the real bummer is that it's not as if you can do much with your day off--you can't go anywhere because the roads suck. And chances are you won't have any electricity, so your house will be freezing (even if you heat with gas it needs electricity to blow) and you can't watch a movie or surf the net. And forget about catching up on yard work--it's freezing out and there's a coating of ice on everything.

I've made sure there's plenty of bird seed available outside. I filled the feeders and put a tin of seed on the ground for cardinals and other birds who can't use my feeder (I want to get a pole-mounted feeder one of these days, because a lot of birds can't or don't eat from the hanging ones). Otherwise, I haven't done much all day but read. We did watch a movie--a Japanese film called The Suicide Club. I really didn't get it. There was a rash of suicides--starting with 54 schoolgirls holding hands and jumping into the path of an oncoming train. The police were trying to figure it all out. It was bloody and sometimes disturbing. There was something at the end that was supposed to explain it all, but I still didn't get it. I don't get a lot of Japanese films and stuff. Hello Kitty I get, but a lot of it I don't.
Like this Kikkoman commercial. It's all about Kikkoman vanquishing mustard and ketchup and other condiments (someone translated it for me once). But why does the kitty cat have to die?

Oh yeah, and I sucked at bowling last night. Mark did much better than last week, though.

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