Thursday, January 29, 2004

Why send "poetic" spam? (OK, I'm just using the word "poetic" because it's convenient, not because I actually think that the spam I'm getting is poetry or that I even know poetry when I see it.) I mean, you could send a spam e-mail that just says "get this great warranty for your vehicle" and give a link, or you can send a very elaborate and bizarre e-mail, like one I received this morning, with scrolling and near invisible text that has seemingly little to do with your quest to get people to click on your car warranty link.

The spam I got this morning had the following text scrolling across the top of the message:
you are a mobile brock, you are a educational loser, Let's go underneath the ramona. ping, equitable elvera, you heavy maurita. the lenora doesn't enjoy replenished the sugary tooth. don't turn around, the amiee is compiles the unsuccessful nenita, Pin the rubin on the donkey. Someday the mario will be carnal. pei was not minded your cheaper delia holy buh, the dalia am shifting the muddy melisa, the terese am tuning the fresher herman?We better go on the sau, berenice is so loud that I am retains the gertrudis. Much like a best noel the dewayne is extremely nervous. A bumpy alline makes baby Jesus cry. Shave the lawana, you are a nervous freda, Don't be so reliable Hey baby wanna let me start sampled your stanton?I wonder if the shonta was firm. A overcooked lanell makes baby Jesus cry. sweet jebus, Someone is developing the lan, the rocco died becuase the wilda was actuate the burma. I love you from the bottom of my loudest ettie. you are a grievous forest, Pin the ernest on the donkey. A brief ryann makes baby Jesus cry. the glenna doesn't enjoy sliding the bland delia. the buck was concatenate the cody?bust a cap dawg, Pin the derrick on the donkey. Pin the matchbox on the donkey. georgine is so purple that I am expected the magda. Shave the jolie, the jerry said ' Stop milled the roland, 'What if leeanna saw a programmable ardath that was skirting a candi?

Then this text was in extemely light blue, and if I hadn't been paying attention I would have missed it entirely:
the caleb am dawning the berry?look out, great Cesaer's ghost, lateral rogelio,
the ray said ' Stop preserving the javier, '

Then we get to the "business" part of the message:
Would you like an comprehensive warranty for your vehicle
Click Here To Find Out How
Get security against unexpected and pricey repairs

Then in very light blue again:
linn looks like a nicest keisha. Never have circular sex with a educational bao.
Extended vehicle warranties from us can provide years of stress free driving. We offer a wide range of extended car warranty plans so that you can

And in black:
select the right auto warranty to fit your lifestyle.

and again in very light blue:
outside of the medical tami lies a feebler emeline. the jerry said ' Stop milled the roland, '

Perhaps they're hoping that the scrolling text and the barely visible light blue text will serve as subliminal messages to make me subconsciously think: "Need vehicle warranty ... must click link in e-mail now ..."

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