Friday, February 06, 2004

Another important message from "Citibank," apparently sent by their service center in the Dominican Republic:

_Dear_ Online-Citibank _User_,

_This _email was _sent_ by the CITI_bank server to
veerify your EMAIL_ address_.
You muust cmlotepe this perocss by clicking on the_ link
beloww and enteering in the smmall _window_ your _citibank_
Debit full Card Number and pin that you_use in_the local
ATM Machine.

I declined to "cmlotepe this perocss."

That_is done - for-your preocttion -g- becouse some_of_our
_members_ no leognr have accses to their email adsreedss
and we must verify it.

I'm glad they are concerned with my "preocttion," whatever that is, but I've not had a problem with "accses" to my "email adsreedss," and if I did I doubt Citibank would be able to help me with it.

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