Friday, February 13, 2004

Another sort of political discussion I should try to avoid: people complaining about how their tax money shouldn't be used for prisoners to get an education while in prison (quote: "people come out of prison better off than they went in and I shouldn't have to pay for it"). What I didn't say but wanted to: "Yeah? Well I shouldn't have to pay to educate all the damn brats you people are cranking out, but I do." (As I mentioned earlier, I've been grouchy today). The point I did make: Wouldn't you rather people come out of prison better off so they're maybe less likely to rip off all your stuff and kill you?

Seriously, the biggest thing that bugs me about "my fellow" Americans in general is their sanctimonious vindictiveness. In general most of the folks I deal with on a daily basis are bloodthirsty for vengeance, and desperate to believe they are superior to anyone. And the folks who who chant along with the preacher on Sunday "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" are the first ones to demand "justice" most loudly

Needless to say I'm feeling extremely misanthropic right now. I' may feel better a little later ...

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