Friday, February 20, 2004

The Fascists Are Coming

This ticks me off: Nazis are going to rally tomorrow at the NC State Capitol in Raleigh, and they've invited some of their Klan buddies to join them. About 1,000 yards away there's apparently going to be a touchy-feely "fascists aren't very nice" kind of demonstration, but what good will that do? I agree with Trotsky: The only way to argue with a fascist is to introduce him to the pavement. Today's News & Observer doesn't seem to have any mention at all of the fascist rally (Mark heard about it on NPR), probably under the belief that A) if you ignore the fascists they will go away (look how well that one worked in Germany) or B) if the good people of North Carolina know that the scumbags are going to be out in the open, they will descend upon the capitol and chase them off the streets and that would be violence and that would be bad. Y'all, the fascists ARE violence. This ain't about free speech, this is a direct threat to blacks, latinos and anyone brave enough to say words like "trade union" here in the South.

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