Saturday, February 21, 2004

Here are a few photos of the anti-fascist demonstration today in Raleigh (see previous post for more info). What you can't see is that on the side of the street where I'm standing, there are at least 150 more people. I didn't cross to the other side because the cops basically had people penned in--they had about 8 feet of sidewalk and their backs were up against a building--there would be no escape if the cops decided to charge them or gas them. I couldn't believe that people brought their dogs and small children with them--I guess maybe they've never done this before and don't realize what happens when the cops want the area cleared NOW! It's a good way to get your dogs or kids tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed or trampled by panic-stricken people fleeing the cops batons. Anyway, I'll write a real narrative tomorrow--I'm beat.