Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I think I'll start another blog just to record my radio show playlists. Not right now, I'm feeling too lazy. So I'll just put today's playlist here so it's recorded for posterity:
Eye Mo de Anaa / Reggie Rookstone / Rough Guide to African Rap
Whispers / Troy Walsh / Country Clubbin'
Caminos De La Campana / Celso Piña / Una Visíon
In The Groove / Evan Johns and The H Bombs / Rockit Fuel Only
TV Eye / The Stooges / Fun House
Alármala De Tos / Café Tacuba / Avalancha De Exitos
Fortunately Living in Yorkshire Doesn't Apply / Dexy's Midnight Runners / Searching For the Young Soul Rebels
Tiny Ocean of Tears / Jason Collett / Motor Motel Love Songs
Fine Miserable Day / The Talk / No, You Shut Up
Driving Manual Auto / Kaito / Band Red
Matt Won't Come Back / The Emergency / How Can You Move?
Tengo Un Trato Remix / Mala Rodriguez / La Niña-Amor y Respeto
She Bangs Milpitas Booty Bump Remix / The Milpitan /
Hollow Inside / Buzzcocks / A Different Kind of Tension
From Russia With Love / Jackie Mitto & The Soul Brothers / Last Train To Skaville
Topsy Turvy / Regina Hexaphone / I Can't Get That Evil Weiner Song Out Of My Head
Rainin' In My Heart / Al Green / I Can't Stop
Life Is Elsewhere / Mr. Wright / Star Time Sidereal Sounds From
Teeth / Mekons / Punk Rock
Fryday / Kombinat M / Hybrid Beat
Ojos Negros / Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del 5to Patio/ Maldita Sea Vol. 1
Help Me Make It Through The Night / Willie Nelson / Greatest Hits
I Make My Teachers Mad at Me / The Kids of Widney High / Act Your Age
Komine / Habib Koite / Foly! Live Around theWorld

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