Monday, February 09, 2004

I woke up this morning fatigued and aching all over. While I kept busy this weekend, I don't think I did anything that would make me ache--except painting out on the cold porch. Maybe my body wore itself out trying to keep warm. Anyway, I couldn't even muster up the energy to put together some breakfast, and instead I just crawled under a comforter on the couch. My first thought was flu, but I had no other symptoms--I was just tired and achy ... grouchy, too.

But when I thought of taking a sick day from work, I felt guilty. I mean, as far as I knew there was nothing quantifiably wrong with me other than I couldn't pick myself up off the couch. So I figured I should just quit being a baby and go to work. But then I thought about the prospect of dragging myself through one day only to feel worse the next, and maybe the next after that, and I realized that my body was screaming for rest and I have plenty of sick time, so I was going to take it. And I did. I moved around as little as possible today, took a couple of naps and just rested and read. No television, no internet ... just the three dogs, who mostly behaved well all day (the cats keep out of sight while my mom's dog is visiting--they don't trust her at all). I'm just now starting to feel better. (Just in time for bed!) I have no idea why I felt so bad, I only hope it really is nothing and tomorrow I wake up feeling fine.

A lot of e-mails piled up during the day. I only answered a few--the rest will have to wait. Tomorrow evening I teach my first flyball class (followed by the agility class I'm taking), so I must fell well tomorrow. I think I'll rest a little more now.

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