Thursday, February 12, 2004

If you're at all familiar with women, chances are you've noticed that a lot of us carry purses around. Most of us would not be happy walking around with a wallet-bulge in our back pocket, assuming the pants we're wearing even have pockets. (Too many womens' clothes don't. You know that inside breast pocket that mens' suit- and sport-coats always have? Women's suits never have one of those.) Anyway, a lot of us carry more than our wallets around in our purses, and we get addicted to the feeling that anything we could possibly need is right there with us. (Once I was able to produce a table knife when one was needed.) In the winter I get quite agitated if I don't know where my next hit of chap-stick is coming from, and I almost always have paper and pen.

Anyway, this morning I walked out of the house without my purse. I had grabbed the carry-all bag that I use for miscellaneous crap, some cds and/or my ipod, an umbrella and whatever else I want to lug to work, but I left the purse on a chair near the door. I didn't notice until I got to work and went to grab the carryall and ... the purse that wasn't there. I had a momentary panic, because without my purse I am nothing. No swipe card to get into my building ... fortunately the security guard at the front door knows me. No money for lunch ... but I had yeasterday's lunch still in the fridge because I ended up going out. No change for a snack ... but I shouldn't be eating those anyway, and besides I had microwave popcorn and fruit cups in my desk drawer. Really, the only things I missed all day were my comb, the lens cleaning cloth for my glasses and my USB thumb drive, which had some stuff I wanted to work on during lunch.

But my digital camera was in my miscellaneous bag, and with no personal work to while away the lunch hour with, I decided to accompany co-workers to Borders bookstore, where I surrepticiously took lots of photos. I felt like a shoplifter. I'd pretend to be interested in a book or a magazine when really I was trying to get pictures of people without their knowledge. I had a great time. It's way more fun than actually shopping.

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