Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I'm not cold right now. From what I can tell (the blinds are closed to keep the glare off of our computer screens) it's sunny outside. I really really really would be most appreciative if it would stay this way.

My co-worker Tracy had to bring her baby to work for a couple of hours this morning until she could hand him off to a relative. He was sitting on the lap of another coworker (Gail), and I was about to comment on how cute he was but I noticed he seemed to have a funny look on his face. Then sure enough--and I remember it like it happened in slow motion--white stuff starts to flow from his mouth, first a little, then a whole bunch. I was able to say "watch out" so Gail could take evasive action and avoid getting any of the spit-up on her. The first thing I thought was that I was glad I didn't have one of those of my own. I had been about to heat up my lunch, but the vision of baby-effluvia (in slo-mo) stuck in my head and really grossed me out and I had to wait. But I got over it pretty quickly, and then I wished I had caught it on video. It would have made a funny little clip.

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