Friday, February 06, 2004

I'm sort of trying to unify things a little bit, so I made a home page for my little photo galleries (and whatever else I decide to stick on there). I also stuck a link to it over yonder in the sidebar. I've still got a couple more photo galleries in the works, but I've got to decide which pictures go in them. That should only take me a month or two, during which time I will have taken lots more photos ...

I also discovered a page called that lists various cool photo obsessions on the web. I'm cooking up a photo obsession of my own, but I can't speak of it until I start it, because otherwise it will just become yet another project I say I'm going to do and then don't. Once it's started it's a work in progress and it's OK to speak of it because I'm actually DOING it (unless I never finish it, in which case it becomes yet another unfinished project).

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