Tuesday, February 03, 2004

It's supposed to get into the 50s today and tomorrow, and the freezing rain that was predicted has turned out to be just rain. I know I'm too fixated on the weather--like some lonely old woman who has nothing else going on in her life--but it's really been messing me up. I'm freezing all day, every day. It makes me tired. I'm sick of all the layers of clothes, hats, scarves & gloves I have to contend with, plus the constant dosing with lotion and lip balm required to keep myself from cracking into pieces. A lot of people around here don't mind the cold and even welcome it because they think the summers are too hot. To them I say go away. Move to Maine or something. Let it be 95 degrees and humid.

OK, enough about the weather, time to move on to another topic. Unfortunately I don't have one. Seriously, the one big refrain going through my mind is "it's too damn cold." My hands are cold. My feet are cold. I have a space heater blasting on me, and all it does is dry out my skin even more. I hate everyone and everything right now. Plus I'm sick to death of hearing about Janet Jackson's boob. Honestly, at least my obsession with the cold is my very own honest-to-god obsession--everyone else is obsessed by an event that was manufactured specifically to induce their obsession. Besides, it's just a boob, people. More than half the population have one, usually two.

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