Friday, February 13, 2004

I've had a low-grade headache all morning, but it's high-grade enough to make me extremely annoyable. So I'm really cranky right now, and that's when I say the damndest things ... What's annoying me most right now are baby showers. It seems everybody I work with has had or is having a damn baby. So we keep having all these baby showers. I've never worked in a place where it's customary to give baby showers at the office. I find it unacceptable, because it sort of obligates people to participate or be branded anti-social or something. But honestly, I disapprove of the whole concept of having babies. I wish I had the guts to buy each mom- or dad-to-be a box of condoms as a shower gift. Actually, I exaggerate a little bit--I don't mind buying baby gifts for actual friends, but I resent the fact that just because I work in the same place as some random person I'm expected to help foot the cost of outfitting their nursery.

At least no one's invited me to a bridal shower lately ....

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