Sunday, February 15, 2004


The trouble with this whole blog thing is that one is likely to feel a comittment to writing something daily even if one can't think of what to write. So then you end up writing stuff like: "This morning I was out of Special K Red Berries, so I had to eat Honey Nut Cheerios instead. I guess I need to go to the grocery store." That's about how creative and expressive I'm feeling today.

At least I'm never tempted to write "LOL!" after anything I write. I find "LOL!" the most annoying little bit of online shorthand. I always figure the person writing it is humor-impaired and assumes that everyone else is just as humor-impaired, so they must mark every joke plainly and boldly. I don't mind the little "winky" emoticon--y'know, the semicolon close-parentheses guy--it's like smirking after you crack wise, a subtle cue to let people know you're joshing them. Like if I were to say the the real trouble with children is that there's just not enough meat on their bones, I might want to toss in a ;) just to let you know it's a lark. But writing "LOL!" wold be like saying loudly, "I'M KIDDING, OKAY? YOU KNOW I'M JUST KIDDING, RIGHT? I DON'T REALLY EAT CHILDREN, OKAY?"

Anyway in the mundane mundo, Mom's gone home, taking her little dog with her. Mark's mom is in her cozy little cottage. She likes it. I was a little worried that she wouldn't--people like to pick out where they are going to live, but we pretty much just bought the place and said "You will live here now." If she hadn't liked it I would have been a bit perplexed because it's cute as a button. If it weren't just a little too tiny I'd want to live there, but we'd need to downsize a bit more before that could happen. But I am actually considering it for the unforseeable future. I have two friends who are currently living with three pit bulls, a chocolate lab and a cat in an RV. It's only been for the past two years or so while the guy has been in grad school, and they will be moving back to their house in Alaska this summer. But the point is, it can be done. Mark would love to live on our boat, but I'm really not ready for that.

Bowling news: I did respectably last night: two games somewhere in the 150s and one somewhere around 135. But the coolest thing was in the last game I bowled a turkey. (That's three strikes in a row.) People in our league often bowl six or seven in a row, but I'm happy with my three for now. As soon as Mark gets back from helping his mom settle in we're going to go practice some more.

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