Saturday, February 21, 2004

Mark and I went to the anti-fascist demonstration today in Raleigh. At least 1,000 people turned out to demonstrate against the Nazi-Klan scum (news reports say 300--but they rely on police sources who, from my experience at demonstrations, aways underestimate). It looked like the fascists managed to scrape up about 30 people (the news sources say 35, but we weren't allowed to get close enough to really count. What the news stories didn't mention was that there were at least 200 Raleigh cops and State Highway Patrolmen (in black riot gear--they looked like storm troopers) protecting the fascists (including snipers on the rooftops of several downtown buildings). Then later when they realized how huge the anti-fascist crowd had gotten, they brought in a couple vanloads of sheriff's deputies in full riot gear, and then about 15 US Marshalls showed up. All this to protect the Nazis and Klan. I got a lot of photos and I'll post them tomorrow (or Monday if my ftp connection from home goes dodgy as it has been lately).

I'll also post more of a narrative in a bit, but here's one of the few news stories I've found about it (apparently all the local news outlets just picked up the AP feed).
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