Sunday, February 15, 2004

More weather ...

We've got some weather going on. It's sleeting pretty heavily. Ordinarily I'd be a little bummed because I'm sick of the weather disrupting things, but right now I don't think I'd mind not being able to go to work tomorrow. What with my mom being here and Mark's mom arriving, I just don't feel I've had much of a chance to slack this weekend, and everyone needs a little slack now and then. There's already 5 inches of snow on the ground in the county where Mark works, so his company declared themselves closed for tomorrow and he gets a paid day off. State government never closes, so I'd have to make up my time or use vacation. But since we got bonus leave instead of raises for the past two years, it's not a big problem for me.

But the weather sucks anyway ... Sunday is when we usually do the grocery shopping, and tonight we also had to shop for Mark's mom. She's still in a neck brace from the accident and she isn't supposed to move around much. Since she just moved in she has nothing and needs everything. So we had two carts full of stuff and we had to decipher what exactly was on her list and figure out which particular type of whatever she'd be happy with, plus do our usual bargain calculations and coupon shuffling. It took forever, then we had to load it all in the car in the sleet, unload it to her house in the sleet, and then unload it to our house.

Oh yeah, we did a little bowling practice today, and in 5 games my scores ranged from the 130s to 180--all respectable for me. I was consistently hitting the strike zone, but I didn't always have the rotation I needed to actually strike. I was picking up my spares almost every time (except for the splits). I think I'm to the point where the new ball will really be necessary if I want to stay on the high end of those scores. The plastic ball doesn't get enough grip to get the rotations and the consistent hook I need. I've just been feeling a bit "tightwadly" lately and hate to spend the money. Last week I bought a wrist support, and it was a well-spent 20 bucks. I'm not sure if it improved my game, but my hand no longer hurts after bowling. I think I'm turning into a bowling geek, because all of the lingo and bowler babble is starting to make sense to me.

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