Thursday, February 05, 2004

Move over Hello Kitty! It's the Parasite Pals! There's Holly Hostess, Dig Dig the Head Louse, Tickles the Tapeworm, Blinky the Eyelash Mite, and Zzeezz the bedbug. Join the Happy Parasite Friendship Club or watch the Flash Movie "Dig Dig Finds a Home!"

OK, the site was amusing for a few minutes, but then it started to make me a little itchy. But in the grand scheme of things, Dig Dig, Tickles, Blinky and Zzeezz are really tame parasites. If you want to get really bugged (pun intended), you need to read Parasite Rex: Inside the Bizarre World of Nature's Most Dangerous Creatures by Carl Zimmer. You'll realize that there are millions of little tiny things just waiting for the chance to devour your insides or lay their eggs in hospitable places like your brain or your liver. You'll also realize that you are damn lucky if you live in a place with indoor plumbing, sewage tratment facilities and even minimal food safety standards. So quit whining, dammit!

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