Saturday, February 14, 2004

My mom is on her way back from Virginia today. She'll stop here to get Edy, stay the night and head back to Myrtle Beach tomorrow. I should be cleaning up the house right now. There's dog-toy stuffing everywhere. We have a whole basket full of dog toys that are largely forgotten, because Lucy only likes certain toys, and Mr. Gomez is afraid of most toys (he doesn't like anything that squeaks, and I also suspect that toys with eyes frighten him as well). But Edy never met a toy she didn't like, and she's a very busy little dog. So she's dragged out most of the toys in the basket, carried them around the house, and torn the stuffing out of the ones that still have stuuffing in them. (Fortunately she doesn't eat the stuffing--I know dogs who do.)

My mother-in-law is also flying in today, only she's staying for good--in her own house, though. We bought her a little 2 bedroom house--we would have had to pay her rent in an apartment, and this way we will at least get an investment out of the deal. When we were house-hunting, a lot of people asked us why we didn't just buy a house big enough for her to live with us. But for roughly the same amount of mortgage payments each month we can keep our own modest house and have her living too far away to walk over, but close enough for us to drive over in less than five minutes if she needs us. This way we don't have to pack up and move (from a house we like), and we can still enjoy our own space and time (and she hers). Besides, we'd have to buy a really huge house if we all wanted to live in harmony.

Anyway, moving her here has been a nightmare. She was living in Mexico, and she had insisted on driving herself and her two cats northward. Check out my January archives if you want to read the story of the car wreck she got in on her first day of traveling. She's been in Houston at Mark's sister's house recovering and waiting for her stuff to arrive here so we can get her house ready. That's part 2 of the nightmare. Mark had wanted her to sell her furnishings and just ship her personal effects and paintings (she's an artist) as cargo, and the money we saved shipping her furnishings could be used to get more here. She wouldn't hear of it because she liked her stuff too much. Anyway, she found a freight forwarder who was recommended to her by some gringos in San Miguel de Allende, so Mark worked out the deal with him, or so he thought. Well, we still haven't decided if he's an incompetent boob or a con man ... we finally have her stuff, but the guy tried to rewrite the deal as he went, citing all sorts of complications (like his wife ran off with the money he was supposed to pay the Mexican movers). The problem is that we were here, he was in San Miguel de Allende, and the stuff was somewhere in between. All in all it came in at only $10 over budget. The lesson is: Don't get attached to your stuff. It just isn't worth it.

So the saga continues ... she was supposed to arrive at around 2 pm today, but she called Mark a while ago to let him know she'd missed the flight. (People! You can't get to the airport a half an hour before your plane leaves anymore and expect to catch the flight! Once we got to the airport just under two hours before a flight and we still missed it.) So she's supposed to arrive around 5 pm. Our bowling league starts at 7 pm. She's going to be ditched at her new house with some food and a television, and we're going bowling, dammit. Actually, I could afford to miss it because I'm likely to bowl below my average, considering the way things are going, and the team would probably benefit from bowling a blind in my place. But Mark's been bowling way above his average, and if we had to bowl him blind it would suck.

I guess we're terrible people for feeling that bowling is more important than getting Mark's mom all settled in her comfy little house. It's only for a couple of hours, and Mark can spend all day Sunday helping her settle in.

I guess I'll tidy up a little before my mom gets here ...

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