Sunday, February 08, 2004

My mom stopped by on her way to a funeral in Virginia and left us her dog, Eden (aka Edy, Edy Sweetie, Bat-faced Dog, Dobby), for a week. Eden is named for the town of Eden, NC, where she was found wandering th streets. Mom adopted her from Second Chance Pet Adoption in Raleigh, NC, a little over a year ago. She's a very sweet dog, but she can be a little excitable, so when she pairs up with the extremely excitable Mr. Gomez, the house becomes Screaming Banshee Dog Circus several times an hour. (My little dog Lucy, aka Perfect Angel Princess, calmly keeps herself above their shenanigans). At any rate, three dogs following me around the house gets to be a bit much. Fortunately it's just for a week, and Edy really is fun little dog.

I spent a good part of the day painting flyball jumps in preparation for the class I'm going to be teaching starting Tuesday. (Flyball is a dog sport ... I'll probably mention it more in coming weeks seeing as how I'm going to be teaching a class on it). I should have painted them last weekend, but I kept hoping that this weekend would be warmer. It's wasn't--it was sunny and pretty, but the wind made it feel a bit too chilly out for me. I have to paint on my front porch because I have no garage--one of the drawbacks of a little "vintage" house. Anyway, I froze my butt off and I still didn't completely finish the jumps. When my paint started to get really viscous from the dropping temperature and I realized the porch light was more decorative than useful, I decided to pack it in.

I bowled poorly last night: 124, 104 and 149. Actually I was happy with the 149. But I'm thinking maybe people are right when they say I'll be more consistent if I get a better ball and have it drilled differently. Anyway, we went to practice today and I did (mostly) better: 108, 191, 158, 180 and 158. The 191 and 180 scores are what keep me going back ... I can't completely suck if I'm doing that now and then.

I want to say hey to Grace of "Busy, Busy, Busy Killing Han", a blog I ran into at the North State Blogs site. Check it out, y'all.

I put together yet another photo gallery, this one with a "retail" theme (all photos I've taken in stores or malls), but my ftp from home is a bit dodgy, so I haven't been able to post it. I'm also running out of server space on our Earthlink account, so I may have to actually shell out some dough for real web hosting one of these days. I know there are places that give you free web space, but I don't really want ads on my photo pages.

Yay, it's TV night! That is to say, Malcolm In The Middle and Arrested Development are on tonight. Aside from the new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous (Fridays, 9 pm EST on Oxygen), it's the only TV I purposefully watch

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