Tuesday, February 03, 2004

OK, I have this thing called a "blogroll" on the right hand side of page, and it makes it really easy for me to add a link without having to get into the html guts of my template. I added a blog called One Channel because it looked interesting: A guy is trying to simplify his life and he goes down to one TV channel, I guess because it would eliminate all that time spent channel surfing when there really isn't anything to watch. So with one channel your choice becomes: watch it or don't. I was hoping he'd have lots of interesting insights about life now that he's not fixated on TV. But judging from his blog, the guy remains totally fixated on TV!

For example, even though he didn't even watch the Super Bowl, he's outraged about the whole Janet Jackson's boob thing. He says: "But I am so sick sick sick of exposed skin and crap like that. I just get tired of having sex slammed in my face." Maybe I should e-mail him and say: "DUDE! You didn't even SEE the incident in question! To have seen JJ's boobie you obviously had to GO LOOKING FOR IT on the internet the next day! Nobody slammed anything in your face! Besides, it' was JUST A BOOB, for crying in a bucket! It's not like she and Justin Timberlake started doing the old in-out on national TV or anything. I though the whole "one channel" idea was supposed to help you get a life worth living, but it doesn't seem to be working!"

But nah, I won't e-mail him. He'd probably e-mail me back and I'd e-mail him back, and it's not worth the trouble. But I do thank him for giving me something to blog about. I've been a bit dull today. I was going to remove his link from my Blogroll but I decided to keep it up there. It' may give me more blog fodder in the future.

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