Wednesday, February 18, 2004

"One person's gaffe is another's peccadillo." What a lovely quote! It comes to us courtesy of Washington State University prof Paul Brians, who maintains a website called Common Errors in English. I love stuff like this ... but before I go any further let me first admit that I make errors in English. Most of them are because I'm too lazy to pay attention. In fact, I enjoy not paying attention--because once upon a time I had to pay constant attention (I was a copy editor)--so now I like to kick back and let the errors slip right by me. Anyway, I still get a little bugged by some folks' usage ... for example impact as a verb or using "an" in front of "historic, so it's fun to go over Brians' list of common usage errors. He appears to have done this to be helpful, not nitpicky, so don't get offended when you see your favorite usage/phrase on his list. Check out the entry for bumrush/bum's rush.

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