Wednesday, February 11, 2004

So last week I decided to go ahead and add the snippet of code that lets me see which sites are referring to this blog (lookee at the bottom of the sidebar on the right-hand side if you want to see what it does). At first I didn't like it because no one was visiting--at least not from other sites--and nothing was showing up. But now there are always a few sites listed, often including Google. So now I wonder: What on earth are people Googling that is bringing up this site? Maybe it was the mention of Janet Jackson's boob? That was supposedly one of the hottest Google search terms last week.

This week the hot topic is William Hung. He's the civil engineering student from Hong Kong who became America's Sweetheart overnight by getting lambasted by that smug British asshole on American Idol. I didn't watch the show, which means that around here, I'm left out of a lot of conversations. You see, this here's Clay Aiken country, and ever since Clay, everyone watches American Idol. (The Clay Aiken issue is similar to the basketball issue around here: everyone assumes that everyone else is into the whole ACC thing, so people often ask who you're for, and by that they mean: Carolina, State, or Duke? People always ask me "Didja see The Game last night?" When I say "What game?" I've made it clear that we have nothing to talk about. So with Clay, people assume you either love him or you hate him, but I've never even watched the guy perform so that shuts the conversation down pretty quickly.)

Anyway, I was talking about William Hung. As I said, I didn't watch the show. I wasn't inclined to watch it anyway, and after seeing a couple of commercials that hinted at his humiliation, I was determined not to watch it. I just didn't get into the fun of watching a nice, well-meaning guy get humiliated by some smug bastard who somehow landed a job as a jerk on a "reality" TV show. (I'm all for a show where mean people like Simon Cowell get humiliated. Who the hell is Simon Cowell anyway? Why doesn't he get up and sing us a song?) But a day or two later, some guy at work had dredged up the clip on the internet, and I watched it. I was actually sort of mesmerized by William Hung. Sure, he's not such a great singer (or dancer), but I really wanted to see him do another number.

Apparently a lot of other people were mesmerized--or something--as well, because now there are websites:,,, and who knows what else (none of these sites are run by William Hung himself. Apparently, he's a little bewildered, still wanting to be a musical star but not a comedy act). DJs are having fun remixing his performance (one of my faves pairs William with OutKast).

So how about a reality show with Willam Hung and Paris Hilton? Hell, why not throw Janet Jackson and Clay Aiken in with them?

I wonder what else people are Googling these days ...

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