Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Someone has been reading my blog (someone besides the people I sent a link to saying,"Um, like, if you've got absolutely nothing better to do you could read this if you want, but don't feel obligated ..."). I know that someone besides them has read it because something interesting (and funny, I think) happened today... involving contact from the outside world.

Backstory: A few days ago (Feb. 1, to be exact), I wrote a little thing about a kerfuffle on our neighborhood e-mail list. I was quite scathing in my characterization of some of the folks who get really involved in neighborhood discussions and activities (most of whom I only know from their postings on the e-mail list.) I also predicted that if my house were firebombed, it would be because someone from the neighborhood association had discovered my blog.

And that's exactly what happened--except for the firebombing (he promised he wouldn't do that). The guy who runs the neighborhood web site (and the Yahoo group) sent me an e-mail (a friendly one!). He was checking out the stats on his site meter, which apparently allows him to see where visitors are referred from, and that's how he came across your humble narrator's blog. I always knew that many webmasters carefully cultivate such superpowers, but I guess I never realized how it could affect me. Fortunately, he has chosen to use his powers for good and not evil: as I mentioned, he's not going to firebomb my house. And he also said to let him know if I was interested in writing for the neighborhood newsletter. I told him I probably wasn't the type, unless they want a column called "Cranky Smart-ass Neighbor Spouts Off."

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