Sunday, February 29, 2004


It was a great day here in NC. I didn't check the temp, but it must have gotten near 70. It felt like spring. I'm sure it means we'll have an ice storm tomorrow.

But the highlight of my weekend was bowling last night--I got a 207, my first over-200 score in league play. I rocked. I had a crappy first game (122), and a decent third game (169), putting my average at 166 for the night. Our team won the last two games by a huge margin--against the #3-ranked team (we were in 8th place going into the evening). It was so much more fun than sucking and losing all night. Mark (aka Cap'n Pants) has been down in Oriental futzing with the boat, and he's going to be sorry he missed it.

Because I was on such a high from last night, I had to go and bowl today even though it was too pretty out to be indoors (6 games: 143, 139, 182, 125, 179, 150). So then I made up for it by walking around downtown Durham snapping photos. Unfortunately the memory card in my camera is only 128 meg, so it seemed I had just gotten started when I was done. I think downtown Durham is really visually fascinating--it's just a completely half-assed amalgam resulting from a once-vibrant downtown going through several illogical attempts at "revitalization." It makes absolutely no sense at all and I love it. Anyway, I want to post a kick-ass photo gallery of Durham, but I'm out of server space (we pay entirely too much for our DSL and all they can give us is 10 megs of web space? Bastards.) So I guess I'll have that to sort through soon.

The big question in my immediate future is: should I bother watching the Oscars? I don't know if I care enough about them, and I suppose if someone flashes a tit or something I can always look for it on the internet tomorrow ...

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