Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The threat of rotten weather was enough to cancel tonight's flyball and agility classes. (I've mentioned before that bad weather shuts everything down around here, but that wasn't completely accurate--apparently the idea that bad weather may actually happen is enough.) The rotten weather didn't completely materialize here. It did snow hard and fast this morning, and then it rained a bit--the threat was that is was going to be freezing rain. But it didn't really amount to much.

But I'm not sorry that the classes were cancelled, because it's butt-cold outside and even though I'm a crazy dog person, I'm not crazy enough to enjoy spending almost 4 hours out in 25 degree temperatures teaching people how to train their dogs or training my own dog. (The ring we train in is covered, but otherwise it's outdoors.) Lucy doesn't have very thick fur, and she gets cold and shivery pretty quickly. I have a coat for her, but she hates it. She gets this hang-dog look that seems to say "Why am I being punished?" whenever I put it on her, and then she'll refuse to walk unless I lure her with a treat. I can't even tie a bandanna around her neck without putting her into a pout.

Even though it's early, I think I'll crawl into bed with my latest good book: The Colombo Bay by Richard Pollack. It's about the huge container ships that bring all those cheap goods to the Wal-Mart nearest you. It may not sound fascinating to most folks, but a few years ago I met up with a woman from Scotland whom I had known in college, and I learned that she now drives container ships around the world for a living. It sounded pretty interesting to me, so I had to check this book out when I saw it at the library.

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