Thursday, February 05, 2004

We went bowling tonight and I did reasonably well, considering I've messed with just about every aspect of my approach and release. Tuesday night Mark and I had a lesson from a guy in our league who's really good. He had given Mark a lesson a couple of weeks ago, and he improved tremendously. So I figured I'd see what he could do for me, and he helped a lot in just an hour just by pointing out that absolutely everything I was doing needed to change a little bit. The consensus is still that I need to get a better ball, but apparently Larry (that's the guy's name) was fairly impressed with what I could do with my plastic ball. So I'm not going to rush right out and buy a new ball immediately, but it's on the agenda for some point in the future. Larry wants me to get the ball drilled for a semi-fingertip grip, which supposedly will give me more hook. Who knows, before too long I'll be one of those people you see rolling my collection of balls into the alley (because I'll need a special ball with less hook to pick up certain spares, and another for ... well I don't know what for, but I'm sure it will impress and intimidate people.)

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