Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Welcome Singaporeans!

See, I'm big in Singapore! OK, not exactly "big" ... not at all "big," actually. But I have had several people from Singapore hitting the site (and probably going away disappointed never to return). I've been testing out a couple of free site-tracking services--just for kicks, really, because there's no reason for me to know or care who visits this site (Note to self: come up with something to SELL these people!) But one of the things I'm able to find out is what country vistors are from, and several have been from Singapore. Not only can I find out their country, but I can also more or less learn why they came, or at least what web site referred them to me or which Google or Yahoo search keywords dredged up my site. In the case of the Singaporeans, it was William Hung (or in a few cases "Willam" Hung, because apparently I misspelled his name once and never caught it. No way am I going back to correct it now.) The two of you who read this site regularly know that last week I wrote a little thingie about William Hung ... really I'm just trying to ride to fame and fortune on his coattails.

Anywho, more interesting to me is that someone found this site by typing "who the hell is simon cowell" into google (which, if you include the quotation marks, brings up this page and only this page). Someone else got here by googling "can't get that evil weiner," which is part of the name (Can't Get That Evil Weiner Song Out Of MY Head) of a recently released cd featuring local (NC) bands covering songs by local band Evil Weiner.

And all of this brings up the question: Shouldn't I be working right now?

By the way, the site-tracking service that I like is called Stat Counter.

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