Monday, February 02, 2004

Whining about the weather: A few weeks ago I was full of optimism about the weather. We had a few beautiful days and I remembered last January and February, which were pretty mild here. I'm optimistic no more. It's been too damn cold for the past few weeks. I know that compared to Wisconsin, where we called a day in the high 20s "balmy," this is nothing. Our temperatures have generally been in the 30s. But for NC, and compared to last year, this is damn cold and I'm sick of it. I moved here for the promise of mild winters, and this is too cold for me. Somebody make it stop. (Oh yeah, they're calling for more freezing rain tonight, which means I may get another unscheduled day off tomorrow.)

And bowling: Yesterday my cheap plastic ball and I went to practice a bit. First game: 206! Bam, bam, pins were flying! Second game: 110. Third game: 98. I have no idea what the hell happened. My fourth game was something like 148, and my 5th game was in the 150s, both perfectly respectable. Maybe I just need to practice more. Maybe I really do need a urethane ball like people keep telling me--it might help me be more consistent.

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