Sunday, March 14, 2004

Another lovely weekend ...

I've hardly glanced at any news this weekend, preferring to pretend I'm in a sunny little bubble, but Mark has been giving me hourly reports on the elections in Spain. Interesting outcome ...

My sunny little bubble now includes a new bowling ball. I hadn't heard from the pro shop by Friday morning, and I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on the ball in time to practice with it Friday night. Since it was a very pretty day and I didn't feel at all like being at work, I arranged to take a couple of vacation hours and leave early. I figured that if my ball was ready I'd use the time to go pick it up, and if it wasn't I'd just sit out on the deck and let the sun hit my face. I called the guy when I got home, and he said it was there and he'd have it drilled within the hour.

It's lovely, like a big shiny heavy marble ... with finger holes of course. When Mark got home I told him to eat quickly because we were going bowling. The first two frames were pure magic--it rolled fairly straight until a few feet in front of the pins when it suddenly hooked right in to the pocket. Bam! Bam! Two beautiful strikes in a row. I bowled well in the first game (somewhere near 180 ... I can't find the sheet where I wrote it down) and I had visions of shaking up the league on Saturday night. Didn't happen. After that first game I just fell apart--missing my mark, not getting the beautiful hook, leaving splits and missing my spares. I hated that stupid ball.

So Saturday night I didn't light the lanes on fire. My high game was 169 (or something like that), and the other two were fair to dismal. I missed some easy spares & got very few strikes. We lost two out of three games by margins that wouldn't have been there if I had bowled better. I sucked. I had always thought that being able to drink beer was just a bonus in the sport of bowling, but last night I discovered it's sometimes a necessity.

So today I went and practiced more, and I figured out how to get the magic ball to work. Apparently it involves bowling correctly. There's always a catch, isn't there?

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