Thursday, March 11, 2004

Duhhhh ....

OK, I never claimed to be an actual intellectual myself, so I'm going to beg forgiveness for a moment of stupidity yesterday: Dan Quayle was not Ronald Regan's sidekick, Bush The First was. Dan Quayle was Bush The First's sidekick. In my defense, the Reagan/Bush I era has sort of all blurred together in my mind, bolstering my belief that Republicans make you stupid. But to be fair, so do Democrats--a lot of people have forgotten how completely bogus all the talk about national health care was during the first Clinton campaign, or that he was the one who began the "end of welfare as we know it."

Anyway, I need to make mistakes more often, because it gets me e-mail! Thanks to Emily of It Comes In Pints? for writing in with her gentle reminder of which stupid person was which. I had realized my error last night as I was falling asleep--that's the point in the day when my mind starts randomly tossing things around and then taunting me with my errors: "You idiot! Reagan/Quayle?"

But the funny thing about my memory of that era is that one single phrase always pops up when I think about it: "White House Spokesman Larry Speakes." I almost always chuckled when I heard or read that phrase, which was often because he was the White House spokesman, after all (for Bush I, I think ... or does it matter?). Heh heh, he's a spokesman and his name is Speakes ... So that should give an idea about what kind of mind I have and why certain things get wadded up in its corners.

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