Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Here's another person who doesn't like blogs. Actually, it's not so much that she doesn't like them as she says they are ruining her life because, not being a blogger, she's sort of being left out of the reindeer games that all the other NY bloggers are privvy to. Apparently all the hip young bloggers in NYC only want to hang with other hip young bloggers, and consequently her underfunded literary magazine Pindelyboz gets no attention anymore. Her blogger "friends" don't want to go to her literary events and she doesn't get invited anywhere anymore.

I don't care for literary magazines, so I'm no judge, but I wonder if it ever occurred to her that people think her magazine is just boring? (I looked at it, and like most literary magazines it made my eyes glaze over so I couldn't tell if it was interesting or not.) Maybe her friends find her literary events boring. Maybe she should dump the blog friends and look for some literary friends instead.

At any rate, maybe after getting her bit published in the Village Voice she'll be the hot topic in all the hip NYC blogs. Oh the excitement of it all.

Meanwhile, here in NC I'm as happy as a fishmonger's cat that it was 79.3 degrees while I was out during lunch. Oh the excitement of it all.

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bruhe said...

Don't take anything that Whitney Pastorek says to heart. You cannot trust anyone who boasts a "literary magazine" and then turns around and writes dreck for Entertainment Weekly. It's like taking elocution lessons from Bobcat Goldthwiat.