Thursday, March 18, 2004

I'm so controversial ...

I'm about to write something that could get me kicked off of the North State Blogs list: damn I hate Carolina barbecue! Basically they roast a pig, pull the pork off the carcass, chop it up and dump some vinegar on it. (sometimes for fun around here people will have a party they call a "Pig Pickin'," which is exactly that. I've never gone to one, because I just don't think I could handle it.) I prefer whatever kind of barbecue it is where you have a nice tomato-ey sauce mixed in with the meat, which would be beef if I had my druthers, on a hamburger bun. (Carolina barbecue is always pork. ) But around here they are so proud of the stuff--sort of the way Norwegians up in Wisconsin would go on and on about their ability to stomach lutefisk, which sounds even more disgusting to me.

I'm thinking of this because tomorrow someone is retiring (she's only 47 and she's put in her 30 years and gets to be free now), and her request was that her retirement festivities be held a a local barbecue joint. I'm going because I like this person very much, but I'm not looking forward to the food part of it. It's turning my stomach, in fact. For $10 I'll probably get a typical barbecue meal: a pile of vinegary pork, a glop of cole slaw (also usually disgusting), boiled potatoes and a bland white bread roll. Maybe if I'm lucky they will have banana pudding for dessert.

I suppose I'm too fixated on food if I'm already thinking about tomorrow's lunch and I haven't even eaten today's.

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