Thursday, March 04, 2004

One more baby to go ...

So this woman at work is going to have a baby one of these days (actually, she's not due for another 2 months) and we're going to have a shower for her tomorrow. I can't wait, because it will mean the last baby shower for the forseeable future. People have just been popping them out left and right, and I'm so tired of the whole subject.

I'm also tired of having pregnant women around, talking about how the young'un is pressing against this or that vital organ, or about the reflux, gas and whatnot that all pregnant women get. Of course after the little bundles of joy are born one gets to hear all about the effluvia they produce--my co-worker Tracey just told a story about how her little jewel managed to spew poo all over her while they were on their way somewhere, and her husband had to run into a store and buy her some clothes that weren't covered in poo (fortunately they had some in stock).

Anyway, our current pregnant woman was having some strange goings on with her body today, all consistent with what happens when one starts to dilate. So now we're thinking the shower will be called off because the showeree will be in the hospital receiving drugs designed to keep the little larva in there a while longer. It's probably just as well--she's been in a positively evil mood lately and I expect the shower to be a complete debacle.

So all this being surrounded by pregnant women and babies has firmly reinforced my desire not to have kids. I just don't get how people see the whole thing as some sort of "miracle." If it's so miraculous, why does it happen with such astounding regularity? And sure, kids can be really cute, but wouldn't they be so much cuter and more precious if there were fewer of them?

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