Monday, March 22, 2004

Why Pants?

A couple of days ago I promised an explanation of the name "A Complete Bunch of Pants." It's not a terribly exciting story, but people do ask. Here's the deal: A few years ago I worked for a British company in Chicago (actually a British ex-company--they went belly-up a little over a week ago. I was surprised they lasted that long.) Anyway, every day I worked with, spoke on the phone with and e-mailed lots of Brits, so I got to hear words and phrases I wouldn't ordinarily hear. One day a guy referred to some management foolishness or another as "a complete bunch of pants."

I was intrigued, and I adopted the phrase as my personal mantra. I decided that if I were ever to have my own business, I'd have to name it "A Complete Bunch of Pants." In fact, whenever I filled out any sort of form that asked for a company name, I put in "A Complete Bunch of Pants." When we took in a stray dog whose name we didn't know, I named him ... no, just kidding, I named him Dave*. I think Mark would have vetoed the name "A Complete Bunch of Pants," but it would have been a hell of a name for a dog. (We later found Dave a permanent home with his very own boy to play with.)

So then along comes the idea to start one of these blog things, and I didn't have to think long for what to name it. After all, I have no theme and honestly, for all anyone knows, I could be making up everything as I go along. It could very well be a complete bunch of pants.

*Yes, as in "Dave's not here, man."

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