Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Yes, we have no comments ...

It has been suggested to me by more than one person that I'm a total loser for not having comments on my blog. OK, I exaggerate, no one has actually called me a loser, but when all the blogs have commenting ability and mine doesn't it's pretty obvious that I'm out of sync with the cool crowd. But I just can't talk myself into doing the whole comment thing. Part of it is that if I write something about fascists the last thing I want is for actual fascists to post. I'm not interested in opening any kind of dialogue with their ilk unless it's something like "Have a nice trip ... see ya next fall ..."

Plus, there are hecklers and cranks who think it's so funny to put stupid juvenile crap in people's comments, and I just don't feel like dealing with that. I'd rather go around thinking that nobody on earth is reading my blog than to get moronic or just plain mean comments. And then there are conservatives who think their right to free speech means that I should actually have to listen to them (as if I'm not inundated with their point of view all day anyway).

Then of course someone might post a well-thought-out counter-argument to something I've posted, and I would feel compelled to counter their well-thought-out comment with something well-thought-out of my own, but what if I don't feel like thinking or engaging in civilized adult discourse? It just wouldn't be right to ignore someone worth conversing with but the truth is sometimes I just don't feel like it. What if my mind has already wandered away to someone who's been mixing Jay-Z with Weezer to get Jay-Zeezer (thanks to In My Room for pointing me toward that one. I agree that Jay-Z+AC/DC should be attempted by someone.)

And maybe I just don't want to share my little soapbox with anyone else. I know, that's just against the whole good interconnected spirit of the blogosphere. I guess I'm just a rebel. Or a loser. But you can always e-mail me.

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