Monday, April 12, 2004

Apropos of nothing ...

Looks like mash-ups are going mersh ... David Bowie wants you to mash up his music, and to get you to do so he's dangling an Audi as a prize. The thing is, you've got to mash Bowie (something from his latest album) with Bowie (anything), which to me is like inbreeding. I want mash-ups with hybrid vigor.

But I don't suppose Bowie & Audi could encourage you to mash up anything but Bowie--they wouldn't be able to use anything else because they don't own the rights. Which is why I think mash-ups really have limited mersh value--you're limited to what you can get the rights to. Although it seems like all the old farts are ready and willing to cash in these days. (My use of the term "old fart" is not meant to disparage David Bowie, whom I like. Nonetheless he's an old fart.)

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