Thursday, April 22, 2004

Entry Part A:
An article in the Washington Post (registration required) just reminded me of an extremely cool transportation phenomenton that exists in the Washington, DC, area: slug-lines. The concept is really just fascinating to me--an efficient ride-sharing system that evolved on its own, with absolutely no government intervention. The whole system is like a work of art to me.

Entry Part B:
Tomorrow my dog and I are heading to South Carolina, where it appears to be state law that you have to display a Confederate flag sticker on your pickup truck (black folks seem to be exempted from this rule). We'll be going to Myrtle Beach early Friday to spend the day with my mother and then moving on to Charleston later in the evening because we have a flyball tournament there Saturday and Sunday. The highlight of the weekend will be the ceremonial purchasing of the lottery tickets. I may splurge and spend a whole three dollars on them. At any rate, no new posts until Monday.

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