Thursday, April 29, 2004

A less monotonous day than usual ...

I'm helping the web geek with some graphics, and I realized that I could make my job easier by going out and taking a few useful photos. I specifically wanted an inspection sticker on a gas pump, and an inspection sticker on a supermarket scale. Don't ask why--it's boring. So I went out at lunch and drove over the the nearest gas station and took a bunch of digital photos of the inspection sticker. For the scale, I decided that since Fresh Market was just up the street, I could probably get a photo of the scale there and then grab one of their overpriced sandwiches for lunch.

Once at Fresh Market I couldn't just walk behind the checkout and take a photo of their scale--that would have been strange and I'm certainly not strange. So I nicely asked the cashier for permission ... but I didn't realize that the guy standing next to her was the manager until he started shaking his head before all the words had exited my mouth. "No photos in the store." He looked almost frightened when he said it, as if he was sure that I was a shill sent in by corporate headquarters to test him on his knowledge and enforcement of corporate policy. Of course they have a no-photo policy--what if I was to find something not-so-fresh at Fresh Market and plaster the photo all over the web? But the fact that stores have this policy makes me all the more determined to flout it. So now that toady-boy at Fresh Market has informed me that it's not allowed, you know I'm going to be back there with my camera one of these days, furtively snapping away. Today, however, I just turned and walked out, without buying one of their overpriced sandwiches. I wanted to say horrible things about Fresh Market, but at the time I had no one to say them to. Things like: "Fresh Market tortures kittens and baby bunnies." But seriously, I can in all honesy say that Fresh Market has perhaps the most atrociously awful and unambitious web site I have ever seen. I was about to say it looks like a 10-year-old had designed it, but then I realized if that were true the site would probably kick ass.

Anyway, for the photo I decided to head up Capital Blvd. to the Capital City Market, which is very uncorporate and would probably let me take a photo of their scale and its inspection sticker. Sure enough, not only was the woman at the meat counter wonderfully nice, but she actually used to work here and knows a lot of my co-workers. Her family owns the market, she pointed out her dad to me at one point. So now I want to say wonderful things about the Capital City Market, like: "Capital City Market saves kittens and baby bunnies from being tortured by Fresh Market!"

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