Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Onece again: Awwwww!

A friend of mine is a veterinarian, so she always has a heartbreaking story or two to tell, usually about dogs and cats who are abandoned at the vet's office after they're severely injured. This week it was Abu, a 10-year-old Pomeranian, who had lived with the same family her whole life, but they decided they didn't want her anymore after she got attacked by the neighbor's German Shepherd.

The purple thing the dog is wearing is a bandage--the German Shepherd partially ripped the skin off her thigh. It will heal well, according to my friend. The family said that they didn't want her because she was nippy with their 3-year-old kids (they probably deserved it), but my friend said that Abu is missing her canine and incisor teeth, so her bite is really just ceremonial at this point. I hope that when the people who abandoned her are old and toothless their children dump them in a nursing home and never come visit. (See, another reason not to add commenting ability to this site ... that remark would probably get me torched by people howling "It's just a dog, for chrissakes!"

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