Monday, May 10, 2004

Better, mostly ...

I'm back at work today, woo hoo. I'm feeling OK, but unfortunately things are really busy at work, leaving me little time for fun and games like this here blog. So I'm going to have sort of a "guest blogger." Last Tuesday when I offered gmail invitations in exchange for participation in a little meme thing I was doing, I got a reply from Marcos in Argentina. Since he has no blog (yes, there are a few people in the world who don't), I told him just to answer the questions and I'd post them in my blog. He did, and then I got sick and never really had the energy to do much but talk about how sick I was, so I never got around to posting his answers. I'm posting them today, but here's the tricky part: he's much more comfortable writing in Spanish, which is in fact what they speak in Argentina, so I'm going to translate his answers. I'll post the Spanish and the the English, and anyone who wants to quibble with my translation skills can write to me at my spiffy gmail address.

1. Is there an issue that you rarely or never discuss with co-workers and casual acquaintances because the discussion will get too heated or emotional? What is it?

Si, creo que no me gusta hablar de temas personales, como problemas sentimetales o algo asi, debido a que necesito un sierto nivel de confianza con una persona para poder hablar en profundidad de esos

Yes, I think I don't like to talk about personal topics like problems of the heart and such things, because I need a certain level of trust with someone to be able to speak in depth about these things.

2. If you're not currently single, this applies to the days when you were (or just pretend you are for the purposes of answering): You've just met a very attractive person ... Is there any one characteristic, attitude or habit that would automatically cancel that person's prospects with you?

SI!, definitivamente no me gusta las personas que fuman, si alguien fuma esta automaticamente descartado, detesto la gente que tiene ese vicio, no soporto el olor del cigarrillo, y menos cuando la persona
lleba ese olor en su ropa siempre.

YES! I definitely don't like people who smoke. If someone smokes they are automatically ruled out, I detest people who have this vice, I can't stand the smell of cigarettes, and even less when a person always carries the smell on their clothes.

3. Is there a question that you really like to be asked because you like telling people the answer? What is it (and the answer!)?

mmm, bueno se podria decir que SI, me gusta mucho hablar de computadoras (soy adicto!), asi que cuando alguien me hace una pregunta respecto a algun problema tecnico con su pc me agrada mucho :).

Hmm, well one could say that YES, I really like to talk about computers (I'm an addict!), so when someone has a question regarding a technical problem with their pc I really enjoy it.

Thanks very much to Marcos for today's blog fodder!

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