Wednesday, May 26, 2004

It's too damn cold ...

Winter lasted too long and summer has swooped in very early. Yesterday's 93 degrees was a record high for that date, and this month's average high will probably be a record as well. And I sit here freezing my ass off.

I'm involved in a silent passive-aggressive battle over the office temperature with a co-worker. She likes it bone-achingly cold, and I can't stand being cold. There are two ceiling vents in our office, conveniently located just to the right and to the left of my desk. When I'm not in the room she opens them both way up, so when I return I'm blasted with chilled air. When she leaves the room I close them. This has gone on for many months, and finally on Monday I hammered out a compromise by speaking some of the few words actually uttered in our silent battle. "I'm going to keep one of these vents closed because I'm not going to sit here being bombarded by frigid air," and then I jumped up on a desk and closed the vent. She said OK and hasn't reopened it since.

So that leaves the thermostat wars. We have an actual, accessible working thermostat in our office, way in the back room where all of our expensive and temperametal printing equipment resides. She often sneaks back and bumps it down to 70 degrees or so--which to me is a barbaric temperature, especially when the vent that blows the super-chilled air is right above my desk. So until I see an opening to go back and bump it up to the perfectly civilized 77 degrees or so, I'm forced to wear a fleece jacket and turn on the little contraband space heater I keep under my desk. I may have to bring in a pair of socks as well, because when it's 90+ outside I don't generally wear them and my ankles suffer in the office's arctic chill.

The office isn't the only place I suffer during the summer. Stores are always way too cold. Movie theaters can be torture if I forget to bring a jacket. On days when I ride the van pool I have to remember to bring a jacket because most of the other van pool riders want super-chilled air blasted upon them. Obviously I'm perfectly normal ... so what's wrong with all these people?

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