Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Just another rant ...

An article in the SF Chronicle points out that the gruesome video showing the beheading of Nick Berg is interpreted by people as supporting their view of the US war against Iraq, regardless of what that view happens to be (i.e. selective perception.)

So while someone like me thinks, "See? This is what I predicted would happen if the US imperialists went off putting matches to the powderkeg that is the middle east ...," the hawks are thinking along the lines of Tom DeLay: "They're not soldiers, they're monsters ... and we are not going to rest until every last one of them is in a cell or a cemetery." The thing is, neither he nor his cronies has any idea whatsoever who "they" are ... which is exactly what has made this war a war against the Iraqi people. Iraqis are all potentially "them" in the eyes of the US military, which is why Iraqis are being picked up en masse in random sweeps and at checkpoints and then tossed into places like Abu Ghraib to be worked over in an attempt to learn something, anything about who and where "they" are. And the truth is that "they" are a miscellany of sects and factions who probably have very little in common but a shared outrage at the giant mess the US has made of their home.

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