Sunday, June 20, 2004

Praying for a punchline ...

Sometimes silently to myself I joke about becoming a Christian just so I can pray to God to smite fundamentalists (and yeah, George Bush would be one of them.) But I've never actually said it out loud because as soon as I think it I also think "That's so boneheadedly stupid it's not even funny." Would God start to exist just because I started believing in him (or her or whatever)? So all of a sudden praying would cease to be a manifestation of naive superstition and become a tool to rid the world of ... naive superstition?

So I'm scratching my head after reading this bit by Neil Pollack, who writes
Before Bush came to office, I was essentially an atheist who liked Passover food. But the past three years have changed all that. I, like many of you, pray every day for the moment that George W. Bush is no longer president. So it's time to call to prayer all people of faith who agree with this principle, who don't like seeing their precious faith used for strange and bloody military ends. I implore Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, Protestants, Catholics, and even evangelical Christians to pray for a new president. Why should George W. Bush supporters hold a monopoly on prayer?

Until I got to his new-found holy rollin' I was enjoying the hell out of Pollack's piece, which started out to be about what an absolute religious nutcase G.W.B. is. But then I got to the part where Pollack sets up and I started wondering if it was a joke that I just wasn't getting because I'm being too literal-minded. Or maybe it's just so boneheadedly stupid it's not funny.

Dear God, please let him be kidding.

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